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Booster fragrance oil

Indulge in the luxurious synergy of nature and well-being with House of Aroma’s exquisite fragrance oil collection. Our specially crafted oils are more than just aromatic delights; they serve as a nourishing elixir for your skin and hair. Experience the transformative benefits of our unique hair booster oil, leaving your locks luscious and revitalized. Elevate your space with our scintillating scented fragrance oil, perfect for fragrance oil diffuser and creating an enchanting atmosphere with our premium candle oil. House of Aroma invites you to immerse yourself in wellness and indulgence.

Booster oil

Elevate your senses with House of Aroma’s exclusive collection, featuring the transformative power of our Booster Fragrance Oil. Unveil the secret to healthy, dandruff-free hair with our potent Dandruff Control Booster Oil Shots. Immerse your space in captivating scents as our premium Fragrance Oil finds its way into our exquisite candles, creating an ambiance that transcends the ordinary. Explore the enchanting world of aromatherapy with our curated selection of the finest Aroma Oil, offering a sensory journey like no other. Discover the best for your well-being with House of Aroma–your destination for the best aroma oil for diffusers.

Fragrance oil

Transform your living space into a sanctuary of bliss with the House of Aroma’s exquisite range of home essentials. Elevate the ambiance with our signature Fragrance Oil for Home, a symphony of scents that captivates the senses. Unwind and rejuvenate with our specially curated Booster Oil, infusing vitality into your daily routine. Experience the enchantment of our top-tier Fragrance Oil Diffuser, dispersing delicate fragrances that linger in the air. Explore the various fragrance oil online and order our premium Booster Fragrance Oil. At House of Aroma, we bring the essence of luxury to your doorstep, offering a seamless and delightful fragrance experience.

Booster oil for skin

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of aromatherapy with House of Aroma’s premium selections. Elevate your space with the captivating scents of our top-notch Candle Oil Diffuser, creating a tranquil atmosphere that soothes the soul. Indulge in self-care with our specially planned Fragrance Oil for Skin Care, a luxurious blend that pampers and revitalizes. For a sensory journey like no other, experience the transformative allure of our signature Booster Fragrance Oil. At House of Aroma, we curate fragrances that go beyond the ordinary, ensuring that each moment is infused with the essence of indulgence and well-being.

Fragrance oil for skin

Discover the art of sensory indulgence at House of Aroma, where each drop tells a story of luxury and wellness. Immerse your space in captivating fragrances with our exquisite Scented Fragrance Oil meticulously crafted to elevate your surroundings. Pamper your senses and nourish your skin with our specialized Fragrance Oil for Skin, a divine blend that transcends beauty rituals. Unwind with the alluring scents of our premium Candle Fragrance Oil, perfect for creating an ambiance that soothes and enchants. Enhance your everyday moments with our signature Booster Fragrance Oil, designed to uplift and revitalize. At House of Aroma, we redefine indulgence through the essence of fine fragrance.

Fragrance oil in diffuser

Transform your space into a haven of tranquility with House of Aroma’s premium offerings. Immerse your surroundings in the enchanting scents of our versatile Fragrance Oil for Room, perfect for use with an elegant Aroma Diffuser, creating an ambiance that transcends the ordinary. Explore the myriad uses of our exquisite Booster Fragrance Oil, designed to uplift and invigorate your senses. Elevate your self-care routine by infusing our curated scents into your favorite candles with our specialized fragrance oil for candles. Unveil a world of aromatic bliss with our top-tier selections, each drop a testament to the artistry of fragrance. At House of Aroma, we redefine indulgence, one captivating scent at a time.

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Booster Fragrance Oil 10ml


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An Aroma that boosts peace of mind and energy levels of the body. The key notes of this fragrance are Orange and Peppermint. This aroma is long lasting and safe to inhale. It can best be used with Vaporizers/Diffusers. Please do not apply this Fragrance Oil directly on skin.
When used with a diffuser, fills the surrounding space with a blissful aroma that soothes the mind, body and soul.
1) Fill clean room temperature water in the shallow cup of the ceramic diffuser
2) Add 10-12 drops of fragrance oil in the water
3) Place a tea-light candle in the hollow space at the botton of the ceramic diffuser
4) Light the candle and let the aroma diffuse
Natural Essential Oils and Aromatic Compounds
Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Made in India, Long Lasting Aroma, Safe to Inhaale
At House of Aroma, we connect scents to emotions. We create products inspired by nature and positive emotions. Our mission is to create not only exceptional products, but most importantly unforgettable experiences.
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Booster fragrance oil blend of orange and peppermint is a wonderful and refreshing combination with much to offer. The blend is perfect for people who love citrusy scents with a hint of coolness. It has been known to uplift the mood and provide mental clarity, making it ideal for use in aromatherapy. Orange fragrance oil is extracted from the peel of oranges and has a sweet, tangy aroma. It is rich in Vitamin C, which helps boost immunity. Orange oil also possesses anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce pain and swelling. Peppermint fragrance oil, on the other hand, has a cooling effect that reduces stress and anxiety levels. It also contains menthol, which provides relief from headaches.
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Booster Fragrance Oil 10ml
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