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Patchouli Fragrance Oil

Patchouli fragrance oil

Synthetic aromatic oils have been used in various settings for centuries, and their popularity has only grown in recent years. Aromatherapy is one of the most popular uses for these oils, and they can be used to create a variety of different scents. One of the most popular essential oils is patchouli oil, a strong, musky scent many people enjoy. Patchouli fragrance oil is derived from the leaves of the patchouli plant, which is native to tropical regions of Asia. The oil has several benefits when used in aromatherapy, including reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep quality, and boosting energy levels. It can also help to refresh and purify the air in a room. House Of Aroma has many home fragrance products on its online store.

Best bathroom fragrance

If you’re looking for a powerful and intoxicating fragrance in your bathroom, look no further than Patchouli from House of Aroma. This home fragrance brand is well-known for its potent and long-lasting scented oils, and Patchouli is no exception. A few drops of this oil will fill your bathroom with its earthy, musky, relaxing, and refreshing scent. Not only does Patchouli have a fantastic aroma, but it also has several benefits for your skin. When used in a bath, it can help to soothe dry skin and relieve itchiness. It’s also believed to have anti-inflammatory properties that can help to reduce redness and irritation. You can’t go wrong with patchouli fragrance oil from House of Aroma when finding the perfect scent for your bathroom. This brand offers a wide variety of bath fragrance oils that are perfect for creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in your bathroom. Their products are made with high-quality ingredients, and their scents are long-lasting, so you can enjoy the benefits of their products for months to come.

Synthetic fragrance oils for candles

When creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in your bathroom, fragrance candles are a must. And when it comes to choosing the right fragrance oil for your candles, House of Aroma’s Patchouli oil is the best option. This synthetic scented oil is made from natural ingredients and has a warm, woodsy scent that creates a cosy ambience in any space. Patchouli oil is also known for its ability to mask other strong smells, making it ideal for bathroom use. In addition to its great aroma, Patchouli oil is also an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable option. This oil is very concentrated, so you only need to use a few drops to get the desired effect. You can now shop for one of the best home fragrance products at the House of Aroma online store or on Amazon and Nykaa.

Patchouli fragrance oil for candles

If you are looking for an organic fragrance oil for candles that will make your bathroom smell fantastic, look no further than the Patchouli fragrance oil from House of Aroma. This synthetic scented oil is made with natural ingredients and has a strong, pleasant scent lasting for hours. Patchouli fragrance oils are also great for toilet fragrance diffusers, as they can help mask unpleasant odours and leave your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.
Home fragrance brand
Were you looking for the perfect patchouli fragrance oil for your soap? Look no further than the House of Aroma brand. This synthetic scented oil is the best on the market and will leave your bathroom smelling amazing. House Of Aroma has a vast range of home fragrance products available. Candles are a great way to make your bathroom smell nice. They can also be used to set the mood and make the space feel more relaxing. However, finding the right candle can be tricky. This is because there are so many different scents and brands out there. Patchouli fragrance oil from the House of Aroma brand is the best synthetic scented oil for bathroom fragrance candles. This oil has a strong, pleasant scent that will fill the room and last for hours. It is also affordable and easy to find.
Best fragrance oil brand in India
The best fragrance oil brand in India is House of Aroma. Their patchouli oil is the best synthetic scented oil for bathroom use. It has a strong, earthy scent that is perfect for masking any bad smells in your bathroom. It also has a long-lasting fragrance, so you won’t have to re-apply it often.
Patchouli Fragrance Oil
Size :
The aroma of patchouli is balanced with clove and vetivert for an earthy appeal at the heart of this fragrance – A leafy green accord accenting the blend of wood and spice. This aroma is long lasting and safe to inhale. It can best be used with Vaporizers/Diffusers. Please do not apply this Fragrance Oil directly on skin.
When used with a diffuser, fills the surrounding space with a blissful aroma that soothes the mind, body and soul.
1) Fill clean room temperature water in the shallow cup of the ceramic diffuser
2) Add 10-12 drops of fragrance oil in the water
3) Place a tea-light candle in the hollow space at the botton of the ceramic diffuser
4) Light the candle and let the aroma diffuse
Natural Essential Oils and Aromatic Compounds
Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Made in India, Long Lasting Aroma, Safe to Inhaale
At House of Aroma, we connect scents to emotions. We create products inspired by nature and positive emotions. Our mission is to create not only exceptional products, but most importantly unforgettable experiences.
Shelf Life :
Safty Precautions :
Do not apply directly on skin. Best used with diffusers/vapourizers. Can also be used to make various body care products, hair products, candles and potpurri.
Product USP :
Long Lasting Aroma
Dimension :
40 gms
Manufacture Details :
House of Aroma206 SPAC Aromas, Planet Industrial Estate, Subhash Rd, Parle East, Mumabi 400087
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