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Natural essential oil gift set

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Set of 5 Essential Oils Gift Set

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Balancing Tradition and Modern Living Explore the soothing whispers of nature’s healing power as you embark on a sensory journey that seamlessly blends the aromatic richness of India with the serenity of Singapore. These essential oils promise balance and rejuvenation, expertly crafted to transport you to a realm of tranquility and vitality, providing a natural respite in the hustle of a modern life. Gift Set of 5 Handpicked House of Aroma Essential Oils.
The Essential Oils included in this pack:
Tea Tree Essential Oil:
Tea Tree Essential Oil controls acne and pimples, lightens blemishes, soothes skin and gives antibacterial protection. Tea Tree is recommmended by professionals to reduce hair fall and enhance growth of hair.
Lavender Essential Oil:
Mix with a carrier oil and rub on feet before bedtime to feel relaxed.
Lavender unclogs pores, reduces inflammation, leaves a soothing and moisturizing effect when applied on skin. Mix few drops of lavender essential oil with olive oil and apply on scalp to reduce dandruff.
Peppermint Essential Oil:
Peppermint Essential oil helps tighten skin musles giving it an uplifted effect. It also helps boost skin’s natural collagen making it look young and glowing. Peppermint when applied on scalp gives a cooling sensation, alleviating itchiness and dryness. This oil is also good for relaxing headaches and joint pains. Bergamot Essential Oil:
Bergamot Essential oil helps promote hair growth. It provides oxygen and nutrients to hair from root to shaft, for softer and stronger hair growth. Also helps soothe itchy scalp. Bergamot has naturally existing anti-inflammatory properties and can be used as spot treatment for acne, pimples and blackheads. Clary Sage Essential Oil:
Clary sage benefits the mind by promoting relaxation and mood upliftment. Its hormonal balancing properties support reproductive health and alleviate PMS symptoms. It offers relief from muscle aches due to its anti-inflammatory effects. Diluted clary sage oil nourishes the scalp, promotes hair growth, and addresses dandruff, contributing to overall well-being. Always dilute and patch-test essential oils, and consult a professional for specific health considerations.
Each of the oils in this pack have specific benefits for skin, hair and mental wellness.
Mix with a carrier oil and apply on targeted area. Do not apply without carrier oil. Suitable for all skin and hair types. Do a patch test in case of sensitive hair and skin. Stop use if irritation occurs. Consult a professional for specific health considerations. Can also be used with diffusers to fill the surrounding space with a refreshing fragrance.
100% Natural Plant Extracts
Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Made in India, Safe for Contact with Skin, Made with Natural Extracts, Aroma that benefits the mind, body and soul.
At House of Aroma, we connect scents to emotions. We create products inspired by nature and positive emotions. Our mission is to create not only exceptional products, but most importantly unforgettable experiences.
COD Available | Easy Returns | Free Shipping
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Set of 5 Essential Oils Gift Set
1,599 640
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